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This site is under construction but I am open for business. See contact information below.

Dean Hayes

I enjoy the challenge of designing and developing web sites. Examples of some of my work can be observed at:


I do everything necessary myself, so there is very little overhead. I can develop sites for minimal cost (mutual agreement depending on scope) and charge an additional $15 per year which is the cost of hosting a domain. That's it - no other hidden fees. You can check for available domain names here. If you already own a domain that you want to use, please contact me so we may resolve any issues and proceed with building the site. Domain suffixes such as ".com" or ".net" should be chosen in accordance with the "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers" (ICANN). For example a business usually uses a .com suffix. This site explains why. I provide hosting with free personalized email accounts that contain your site domain such as "john@yourdomain.com". I also maintain or update the site for free unless there are major changes.

In case you're wondering why a violin chinrest is shown on this page, my son is a violinist and I was just playing with this particular picture even though it is a bit irrelevant. The foreground resembles carbon fiber.


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