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A $50 initial deposit is required on each web site ordered. I will accept paypal which has a credit card option and also checks sent to my address. I will send an invoice for the balance prior to publishing the web site.

About every ten pages of a web site require approximately two weeks to complete from the time I receive materials to be added by owner unless other arrangements are made initially. The site will be able to be viewed on the internet, without being viewable by the greater web, by the owner during progress and will not be considered finished until the owner is reasonably satisfied. The owner will be responsible for sending me all materials to be added at their expense. Delays in sending may prolong the time to finish the site.

I strive to make each page as small in kilobytes as possible so it will load faster without compromising quality. The price of a web site will be established by mutual agreement prior to me starting the project. I can be contacted in any of the number of ways listed below.

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